The International Scientific Periodical Journal "Modern Technology and Innovative Technologies" has been published since 2017 and has gained considerable recognition among domestic and foreign researchers and scholars.
Рeriodicity of publication: Quarterly

The journal activity is driven by the following objectives:

  • Broadcasting young researchers and scholars outcomes to wide scientific audience
  • Fostering knowledge exchange in scientific community
  • Promotion of the unification  in scientific approach
  • Creation of basis for innovation and new scientific approaches as well as discoveries in unknown domains

The magazine purposefully acquaints the reader with the original research of authors in various fields of science, the best examples of scientific journalism.

Publications of the journal are intended for a wide readership - all those who love science. The materials published in the magazine reflect current problems and affect the interests of the entire public.

Requirements for articles:

Articles should correspond to the thematic profile of the journal, meet international standards of scientific publications and be formalized in accordance with established rules. They should also be a presentation of the results of the original author's scientific research, be inscribed in the context of domestic and foreign research on this topic, reflect the author's ability to freely navigate in the existing bibliographic context on the problems involved and adequately apply the generally accepted methodology of setting and solving scientific problems.
All texts should be written in literary language, edited and conform to the scientific style of speech. Incorrect selection and unreliability of the facts, quotations, statistical and sociological data, names of own, geographical names and other information cited by the authors can cause the rejection of the submitted material (including at the registration stage).
All tables and figures in the article should be numbered, have headings and links in the text. If the data is borrowed from another source, a bibliographic reference should be given to it in the form of a note.
The title of the article, the full names of authors, educational institutions (except the main text language) should be presented in English.
Articles should be accompanied by an annotation and key words in the language of the main text and must be in English. The abstract should be made in the form of a short text that reveals the purpose and objectives of the work, its structure and main findings. The abstract is an independent analytical text and should give an adequate idea of ​​the research conducted without the need to refer to the article. Abstract in English (Abstract) should be written in a competent academic language.
The presence of UDC, BBK
Acceptance of the material for consideration is not a guarantee of its publication. Registered articles are reviewed by the editorial staff and, when formally and in substance, the requirements of the journal are sent to peer review, including through an open discussion using the web resource
Only previously unpublished materials can be posted in the journal.

Regulations on the ethics of publication of scientific data and its violations

The editors of the magazine are aware of the fact that in the academic community there are quite widespread cases of violation of the ethics of the publication of scientific research. As the most notable and egregious, one can single out plagiarism, the posting of previously published materials, the misappropriation of the results of foreign scientific research, and falsification of data. We oppose such practices.

The editors are convinced that violations of copyrights and moral norms are not only ethically unacceptable, but also serve as a barrier to the development of scientific knowledge. Therefore, we believe that the fight against these phenomena should become the goal and the result of joint efforts of our authors, editors, reviewers, readers and the entire academic community. We encourage all stakeholders to cooperate and participate in the exchange of information in order to combat the violation of the ethics of publication of scientific research.

For its part, the editors are ready to make every effort to identify and suppress such unacceptable practices. We promise to take appropriate measures, as well as pay close attention to any information provided to us, which will indicate unethical behavior of one or another author.

Detection of ethical violations entails refusal to publish. If it is revealed that the article contains outright slander, violates the law or copyright rules, the editorial board considers itself obliged to remove it from the web resource and from the citation bases. Such extreme measures can be applied only with maximum openness and publicity.